Again, New Orleanians are not afraid of bold colors. This is a shotgun house. This means there are no hallways, just a series of rooms with all of the doors in a row. Theoretically, you could open all of the doors and shoot a shotgun through without hitting anything.
Or at least that’s one definition.

The pile guts next to the house is what you saw in one of the rings of flood destruction. The condition of the homes ranged in concentric circles. First, at the periphery, you had houses with no damage, maybe a roof was damaged. Then you had houses with missing roofs and broken windows. Next were houses that look fine, but everything inside of them was destroyed by the flood (as you see here), so everything had to be thrown out, right down to the sheet rock. Finally at the center, or last row of destruction, you had stuff that just needed to be bulldozed.
Very Dante.