I’m not at all anti-industry or one of those people whining non-stop about multi-national corps, but destroying the Gulf South’s windbreak for factories and petrochemical plants is the second stupidest thing we’ve done which ensures the demise of New Orleans as well as the rest of the Gulf South swamp.

But, whatever… Apparently we can’t give this any attention because ensuring gub’mint takeover of the oil industry because the sky is falling (or maybe it isn’t) is more important than real issues such as the destruction of critical landmasses, thermal pollution (from paving the world) and real pollution (such as tons of phosphate and nitrogen-rich fertilizers washing into the Gulf from the Midwest, making red tides).

At first it looks like the government is environmentally penny-wise and pound-foolish in focusing on CO2 waste. Except that they are not. There is an agenda for money & power and well-intended “environmentalists” eat it up & believe the hype. But your intentions were good and that’s all that matters.

I just hope New Orleans and surrounding areas don’t go tits-up before I do.

This picture is from one of my most treasured books, Richard Sexton‘s Vestiges of Grandeur: The Plantations of Louisiana’s River Road (Find in the booklist)

In the “New Orleans as photographed by professional photographers” posts, every photo is owned by a professional. These low-res reproductions will hopefully entice you to seek out the originals. I will include all contact information whenever possible.

Originally Published Dec 2008