So here is the first new original material for the 2016-reboot of this website.

I was going to wait until I had the previous version pretty-well restored before posting new pictures, but I just can’t wait.

My wife and I are repairing a bathroom which requires our lone toilet to be unseated.

We decided to take a break and go to the grocery store – a nicer local grocery store – to get some beer, some snacks and use the restrooms.

We both went in and came out at the same time, giving each other the looks that say it was an experience that needs to be shared.

I said, “You first.”

She had entered a  4-stall bathroom, where two stalls were out-of-order, one flushing constantly.

Of the two stalls not labeled out-of-order, one was completely covered in feces.

Sure enough, the seemingly lone serviceable stall was lacking toilet paper, which she didn’t notice until too late.
Luckily there was a roll on the floor in the stall next to her (within reach, even!) which yielded clean product once enough layers were removed.

Lastly, she did not expect the door to swing into the stall when she left, knocking the “Candy box” (if you know that that means*) off the stall and clattering to the floor.

She said, “How about you?”

I said, “Give me your camera.”

And this is the mellow time between Mardi Gras and Jazzfest.

*they are only in women’s restrooms.