Audubon Park is a public park that spans the land from Tulane / Loyola Universities to the Mississippi River. It has been the site of a World’s Fair, the Cotton Centennial and served as a staging area for soldiers a few times. The area riverside of Magazine is now the Audubon Zoo.

The majority Audubon’s acreage lakeside of Magazine St. and Riverside of St. Charles Ave. is unfortunately a golf course. Around the golf course is a 1.7 mile jogging / biking path. A sliver of peripheral land is open for public use. You see here a gateway to the “meditation walk”. This is the former entrance to the Heymann Memorial Conservatory which stood since Cotton Exposition in 1884 and was demolished by the Audubon Nature Institute in 2001 (without a public hearing of course).

Now I don’t know about you, but to me, “meditation” means quiet, contemplative thought as well as relaxation and peace. I’m never as anxious, flinching and tense in my life as I am walking around a golf course. I ain’t meditating on crap. I’m making sure I don’t get beaned with a golf ball. Maybe if you get hit in the right spot it’ll open a chakra or something. All you can do is hope for the best.

“Ow! Hey! Cut it out!”